What we do


We can find a solution to even the most difficult of requirements. Finding people is straightforward; understanding and managing their personal motives is what we specialise in. Too often in our industry, candidates and clients are led by false promises and a lack of transparency.

  • 100%

    of retainers placed

  • 100%

    of exclusive roles placed before reaching the market

  • 30

    countries placed in

  • 3

    quality CV’s within 48 hours average for consulting

  • 100%

    interview rate for roles worked on

  • 100%

    returned customer rate

Project Solution

A project solution is an option when numerous people are required for a fixed period of time to complete a project or specific task which cannot be covered internally. The hiring of the consultants will be managed by us and, if required, supported by a mutually agreed project manager. A project solution can be implemented in between two to four weeks and can be built up with niche consultants working full time, on an ad-hoc basis or a mixture of the two.

The benefits

Time – A project solution can be implemented as quickly as two to four weeks and can be built up with niche consultants working full time, on an ad-hoc basis or a mixture of the two.

Tailored – It is a bespoke solution to suit your needs.


Contingency staffing is the single most common method of permanent recruitment. It takes between three to six weeks to complete and is significantly more detailed than a simple database search. We encourage proactive approaches to both passive and active candidates to ensure that they are kept up to date with the best opportunities on the market.

The benefits

Advertising – The more consultants you have talking about your role, the stronger your brand will become

Speed – You’ll get a fast route to an abundance of candidates

Cost-saving – Low fees can be driven down by market competition

Volume – No commitment or exclusivity to one agency; you can use as many resources as you wish. This is particularly good for non-confidential, volume recruiting


A retained search is the most rigorous type of search, and is best for circumstances that involve a specific skill set, tight time-frames or a particularly senior role. A search consultant operates on an exclusive basis for a client. We produce a shortlist of around three to six candidates with the exact skills, personality and experience required.

The benefits

Less Risk – The consultant works exclusively for you so we can spend more time meticulously qualifying the job and candidates for a successful result

Lower Cost – In the long run, retained searches will complete faster and provide better-qualified candidates at a lower price

Larger Search – Retained searches produce a wider range of possible candidates
Excellent Candidates – Only the top three to six candidates will be shortlisted so that there is no need to interview unsuitable candidates

Extended Guarantee – We guarantee a longer rebate period of 18 weeks


A custom-made solution designed to identify specific targets and engage people with skills to fill existing, new and future roles. We collect market information by confidentially assessing prospective candidates from a distance. It saves time, reveals the big picture and identifies target professionals.
The tailored report highlights who does what and where they do it. It’s an in-depth analysis of market conditions, salaries and competitor activity.

The benefits

Insight – Vital information on talent pools, research and intelligence about other organisations

Catch All – Identify target candidate population of both active and passive candidates

Competitors – Understand why they are securing the talent that you’re not

Affinity – Identify the likelihood of an individual joining your organisation

Informed – Make the right decisions on your life sciences staffing now and in the future